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EcoHealth Logo NEWEcoHealth is a transdisciplinary research field that aims to improve the health of people, animals and ecosystems to address complex challenges facing our Planet.  

EcoHealth emphasises understanding of social and ecological systems and drivers of social determinants of health and ecosystem changes holistically.

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One Health Platform

PrintOne Health approaches aim to improve health and well-being through the prevention of risks and the mitigation of effects of crises that originate at the interface between humans, animals and diverse environments. 

One Health promotes coordinated, collaborative,  cross-sectoral, and ‘whole-of-society’ approaches to health hazards.

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One Health Day


The annual One Health Day gives individuals and groups from around the world, from academic to corporate & non-profit, students to established professionals,  the opportunity to implement One Health projects and special events under the auspices of “One Health Day.” These events highlight the benefits of a One Health trans-disciplinary approach and educate about One Health arenas. The official annual date is November 3 but One Health events happening most any time of the year can register as a One Health Day event and use the logo and promotional materials. The One Health EcoHealth Conference is a proud participant of One Health Day.

One Health Initiative Autonomous pro bono Team

The One Health Initiative team was originally established 2006-2007 (click here to link to website) and the One Health Initiative website, originated October 1, 2008 by the One Health Initiative team, has been called “the international clearing house for significant One Health information” and recently by some the “New York Times of One Health.” Its world-wide circulation has been strengthened by its up-to-date One Health News, Publications and Upcoming Events postings relative to animal, human and environmental health. It is currently estimated to be accessed each month by roughly 20,000 individual visitors from over 150 countries.  The OHI website now is known to have had at least 119 reciprocal links like CEEZAD and others, from within the U.S. and internationally.  

Cooperative Research Centres Association

CRCAThe Cooperative Research Centres Association aims to make a positive contribution to:

  • Securing the healthy, long-term survival of the CRC Program through representing the interests of CRCs to government, industry and the broader community; and
  • The efficient operation and best practice management of the CRCs through facilitating networking and sharing of experiences and knowledge.
Australian Veterinary Association

Australia-Veterinary-Association-logoAs part of the Pan Pacific Veterinary Conference, the Australian Veterinary Association are holding a One Health Workshop on Friday 29 May 2015.

Please click here for further information. Note you do not need to be registered for the Conference in order to attend this workshop.

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One Health One Medicine: An Ecosystem Health Approach

One Health One Medicine: An Ecosystem Health Approach

Humans, companion animals, food animals, and the environment all coexist on this earth; broad global health tools are need to ensure the health of communities. In this free online course, students will be exposed to televant areas of One Health, One Medicine with special emphasis on ecosystem health issues. Disease of global health importance will be covered as well as their linkages to environmental determinants. Join a community of health leaders in learning and discussion what makes our global health system tick.  For more information click here. To register visit

Immuno Valley

IValleylogo web groot

South African Veterinary Association

 SAVA_circle_logo2015-1The South African Veterinary Association (SAVA) is a professional association of veterinarians in South Africa. It promotes the interests and activities of the veterinary profession and assists veterinarians to fulfill their role in the community.

The mission of the South African Veterinary Association is to serve its members and to further the status and image of the veterinarian. We are committed to upholding the highest professional and scientific standards, and to utilising the professional knowledge, skill and resources of our members, to foster close ties with the community and thus promote the health and welfare of animals and mankind.

Global Alliance for Rabies Control

GARC_logo2015_RGB_288Global Alliance for Rabies Control envision a world in which everyone, regardless of race, creed, or financial means:

  • is aware of the risk of rabies
  • is empowered to protect themselves and their community from rabies
  • has access to accurate knowledge about the disease
  • understands that teasing or provoking animals, especially dogs, can be dangerous as well as cruel
  • has timely access to adequate treatment in the event of exposure to the virus 

The mission of the Alliance is to prevent human deaths from rabies and relieve the burden of rabies in other animal populations, especially dogs. 

The Mekong Basin Disease Surveillance (MBDS)

Related LinksThe Mekong Basin Disease Surveillance (MBDS) consortium comprises six participating countries: Cambodia, China (Yunnan and Guangxi Provinces), Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam and a growing number of development partners who together seek to reduce morbidity and mortality caused by outbreak-prone diseases in the sub-region.MBDS countries have been working together since 2001to progressively build local capacity, share information, and cooperate in outbreak response and pandemic influenza preparedness.

One Health Commission

1-17-16 OHC_Logo

The One Health Commission (OHC) is a prominent, international body of unified, action-oriented, One Health-minded individuals and organizations. It is a gateway for the active exchange of One Health-related knowledge, sharing of resources and collaborative projects that reach beyond disciplinary boundaries. The Commission is committed to creating synergistic interactions and opportunities between human health, animal health and global ecosystem health sectors by:





8th International Conference on Emerging Zoonoses 2017

The 8th International Conference on Emerging Zoonoses in Kansas follows seven successful conferences, each of which provided an interdisciplinary forum for physicians, veterinarians, epidemiologists, immunologists, virologists, microbiologists, public health experts and others concerned with the ever increasing problems associated with the transmission of infectious diseases from animals to humans and the economic impact of transboundary diseases.  
We encourage you to join us in Manhattan, Kansas, the future site of the National Bio and Agro-defense Facility (NBAF), to benefit from a stimulating and challenging scientific program and to experience the rich history and beautiful landscapes found in the heart of the US.



One Health Academy


The One Health Academy advances One Health through motivating, mentoring, and networking in the Washington, DC area. They promote interdisciplinary collaboration among health professionals, industry, and policy makers by promoting public health, as well as environmental, food, agricultural, and economic protection.

Their monthly events serve to unite:

  • Federal governmental departments
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Private industry leaders

to promote collaboration through networking, discussion following educational presentations, and informal mentoring.





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