About One Health EcoHealth 2016

For the first time we’re bringing together the global One Health and EcoHealth communities to create more integrated approaches to research and practice on global health challenges.

One Health 

One Health approaches aim to improve health and well-being through the prevention of risks and the mitigation of effects of crises that originate at the interface between humans, animals and diverse environments. 

One Health promotes coordinated, collaborative,  cross-sectoral, and ‘whole-of-society’ approaches to health hazards.



EcoHealth is a transdisciplinary research field that aims to improve the health of people, animals and ecosystems to address complex challenges facing our Planet.  

EcoHealth emphasises understanding of social and ecological systems and drivers of social determinants of health and ecosystem changes holistically.


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The benefits to bringing the One Health and EcoHealth communities together are twofold. 

Together, we’re focused on improving global health and the health of our people, animals and ecosystems.  We do this by promoting more effective and balanced coordination and collaboration across sectors and disciplines in ways that better integrate the knowledge and perspectives of researchers, policy makers, practitioners and affected communities. 

We also share research evidence, knowledge and insights on global health challenges and risks that originate at the human-animal-ecosystems interface (and the social and ecological drivers of risk), approaches and tools to reduce the risks, and benefits, costs and limitations of One Health and EcoHealth approaches.

Our Congress objectives include: 

  • Showcasing how One Health and EcoHealth approaches are contributing to more effective responses to global health challenges.
  • Sharing research on strategies, approaches and tools to understand and reduce global health risks. Areas of focus are cross-sectoral collaboration at the human, animal and ecosystem interface and the development of integrated approaches to health within the context of social-ecological systems.
  • Presenting practical examples of how the integration of research evidence, professional expertise and community experience is protecting and promoting public, animal and ecosystem health, and social and economic development.
  • Creating a platform for ongoing dialogue and collaborative action among researchers, policy makers and practitioners, and among the global One Health and EcoHealth communities.
  • Enabling inclusive participation of delegates from diverse backgrounds.

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The story behind the logo concept

Human hands create an image of a bird on the earth. The hands suggesting both human imagination and power to influence. The bird representing migration and global connectedness. Both the hands and the shadow are almost obscuring the earth from our view, reflecting the influence these factors have on our environment.


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Key Dates

Registration Open:
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Author Registration Deadline:
26 August 2016
Early Bird Registration Deadline:
26 August 2016
Late Breaking Author Registration Deadline:
1 November 2016
Congress Dates:
3 – 7 December 2016